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Link Pyramid helps brands of any size develop the trust and authority they need to attract customers in the digital marketplace.

businesses transforming themselves in 2021 to become accessible online, it is more critical now than at any other time to let your expertise rise above what everyone else is saying.

Link Pyramid

Can your company be found when people are searching for your product or service?

Why do I need an SEO Expert?

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Studies have shown that about 50% of customers spend at least 75% of their total shopping time on product research. This product research starts with a search engine.

That means getting your website on search engines is a critical success factor for your business. You can’t achieve this by only using keywords. You need to also optimize the structure and content of your website.

That’s where our professional, refined SEO services come in. We employ web page optimization best practices geared toward:

  • Driving qualified traffic to your website
  • Improving your ranking on SERPs
  • Increasing your site’s conversion rate
  • Reducing bounce rate
  • Engaging your customers
  • Promoting your business locally
  • Making you recognized as an authority in your industry

Contact Us Today and Get Your Company Found Online

If you are like most business owners, you understand that a comprehensive marketing campaign is one of the best investments you can make for the growth and prosperity of your business. And you also realize that no matter what level of business marketing service you choose, it is of the utmost importance that each campaign be rigorously tracked, split-tested and optimized to realize the fullest benefit to your company.

A Brand’s Digital Presence Is Critical To Building Trust

You think you don’t need SEO for your company? Think again. Having a website is not enough. While word-of-mouth referrals can bring you business, it is no longer a reliable strategy. Conversely, SEO is not only reliable, but also an effective way to obtain business.

increase sales

Increase Sales

It can be difficult to get clients, especially for small businesses. Improving your website design and SEO will help your business get found online. This increases traffic to your site and to your store, leading to more clients.

improved brand awareness

Improved brand awareness

Online visibility plays an integral role in making your brand popular. Having your business at the top of search engine with a PPC Campaign or amazing SEO Service will help you gain more visitors. This, in turn, improves your brand awareness.

improved conversion rate

Improved conversion rate

A highly targeted SEO marketing campaigns will help drive genuine visitors to your site. This will help increase your conversion rate by converting a higher percentage of your website visitors into buying customers.

strong business reputation

Strong business reputation

Online customers normally trust companies that rank high in SERPs more than those that rank lower. Search Engine Optimization boosts your ranking in popular search engines and puts you at the front of the pack and in front of your target audience.

Link-Building Campaign

The Tiered Linking Framework Link Pyramid

One way to make your backlinking efforts more impactful is to deploy a tiered backlinking strategy, often referred to as a “link pyramid.”

links are the backbones of successful SEO strategies and help drive long-term success. Earning quality links to quality content on your website will, in almost all cases, work to rank your site well for targeted keywords.

Our link pyramids are a powerful, multiple tiered link building strategy which we have been specifically designed to duplicate natural and diverse link building patterns. They are the best strategy for harnessing the viral power and rankings signals of many stacked backlinks without the fear of being penalised.

link building
on page optimization


Years of

Rank Higher On Google

It’s Time for You to Be on the 1st Page. Every press release that is posted on your website has the potential to generate a new Google indexed page. An indexed page will help to generate more traffic and reference links to your site. Boost your online presence with higher search rankings. Reach All Your Key Audiences With Our Press Releases Service.

Mass Publicity

When you are sure of guaranteed inclusion of your news release on 200+ news sites, why look elsewhere? We make sure your news reaches leading international and national news websites, top regional and local news portals, leading radio stations and TV channels websites, trade and industry-specific news channels, online news blogs, and other sites relevant to your industry.

Increase leads and sales

You can utilize press releases as part of your online reputation management (ORM) strategy. Creating positive buzz about your company will help your online reputation and assist in making your website an authoritative source for information about your products and services. Press Releases can also provide some great exposure for your business and increase sales.

Kickstart Your Organic Traffic

Boost your online presence with higher search rankings and more buyers to your site!

  • Instant Exposure
  • Natural Promotion
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • Rank Higher On Google
  • More Leads and Sales
press release

Press Release

Get published on FOX, CBS, NBC and 200 influential news sites that receive millions visitors every month for a massive boost in exposure and search rankings.

Imagine getting your brand mentioned on a site that ranks for 240,000 keywords and has over one million backlinks. That’s exactly what the FOX, CBS, NBC and 200 influential news sites allows you to do. Every one of these authority sites is part of a well-known national news brand and along with great sources of strong backlinks.

The strength of a backlink, in large part, is determined by a site’s referring domains, placement of the link contextually, and page relevancy. Our top news sites have tens of thousands of referring domains between them. These links will push maximum link equity.

Our team is committed to the satisfaction of you and your clients, so we strive to be the best white label partner available.

Don’t Wait! Get Ahead of Your Competition

Drive traffic to your website and boost your search position with exposure on over 200 major news websites with a potential reach of 100 million readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below. Or send us a message if you cannot find the answer below.

Our writing and publishing services are easy to use. Just fill out our sign up form, and within 5-7 days, you will have a live article on more than 200 news websites. Just a single article on a high authority website can cost hundreds, but not with us. We save you the time, money, and effort of getting you published, and we do it in a short timeframe. Ordering from us gives you the benefit of our existing news connections, expertise, and low prices. Plus, our friendly support team is always happy to help you get your article published quickly and easily.
It takes 5 days if you send us your own article to publish. It takes 7 days if you want us to write and publish an article. However, additional revisions may extend this time.

The news sites we work with usually keep articles live for 3-24 months. For the best SEO results, we recommend ordering at least once a month.

Most of the larger news sites tend to publish no-follow links, while smaller news sites are more likely to using do-follow links. We do get lots of clients who initially are concerned about nofollow links. But after seeing how these links still positively affect their search position, they are usually happy to continue ordering monthly. In most cases, our clients notice a boost within the first month of receiving their report.

Yes, you can promote affiliate links. We cannot include direct affiliate links within the article itself, so you should have a landing page containing your affiliate link.

We publish to over 200 high authority news websites, including affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, USA Today, and Google News.

We can accept almost all niches except for:
Negative Press - Anything negative about a person, website, or company.
Adult Content - Anything that contains adult content, products, or services.
For niches such as Crypto, Gambling, Alcohol, we require you to select our Alternative News Network on the order form.
Money Back Guarantee: If we cannot publish an article about your business we will offer you a full refund.

We only need 3 things to start writing your article:

  • A topic for the article
  • A link to your website
  • Your business contact details

We also accept images, quotes and can even embed YouTube videos within the article.

Your article can be just a general announcement of your business, talking about your features and benefits. It can be any newsworthy topic, such as a new product or service you just launched.

If you choose to write your own article, please follow our writing guidelines:

Writing Guidelines

Articles you provide should be in Press Release format. Here are some of the basic guidelines:

  • The article needs to be between 350-800 words.
  • The headline must summarize the article in a single line.
  • Use a professional tone without exaggeration or hype.
  • Be neutral and informational, not a salesperson.
  • Write as a third party and do not use personal pronouns like “we” or “you”.
  • Do not include contact details, we will add that for you.
  • You may include 1 link for every 200 words.
  • You may include 1 image for every 250 words.
  • The article needs to be written in English.

For major news sites such as NBC and FOX you will not be published to the national website such as as they are restricted for national news headlines.
But you will still be published to local affiliates, including FOX 40 and FOX 34, the official sites for the local TV stations, and other influential news sites that collectively get over 100 million visitors per month.

Yes, once our expert writers have completed your article, we send it to you for review. The plus plan gets two rounds of revisions, and the pro plan can have unlimited revisions.

All of our plans are to publish a single article on all 200+ news sites.
Publishing a single article is still great for SEO because, unlike blogs, news sites constantly post the same content. Search engines are very aware of this, so you will not have any problem with article uniqueness when publishing duplicate content on news sites. But you will still get all the benefits of having your article and backlinks on high authority websites.
Our customers constantly report back significant boosts in their rank on search engines after just a few weeks of receiving their order report.

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  • FOX 40
  • FOX 43
  • FOX 21
    FOX 34
  • FOX 28
  • USA Today AZ Central
  • Minyanville
  • Observer Reporter
  • 2 News
  • WENY News
  • RFD TV
  • Lethbridge Herald
  • My Mother Lode
  • Suncoast News Network
  • The Chronicle Journal
  • Wedbush
  • Starkville Daily News
  • 3WZ Classic
  • HDTV 10
  • KMLK
  • Erie News Now
  • The Call
  • Southern Rhode Island Newspapers
  • The Saline Courier
  • The Times (Pawtucket)
  • The Pilot News
  • The Punxsutawney Spirit
  • Mammoth Times
  • Wapakoneta Daily News
  • Big Spring Herald
  • The Vally City Times Record
  • The Postand Mail
  • Decatur Daily Democrat
  • The Evening Leader
  • Hyderabad News Desk
  • Kohima News Paper
  • Magadh Chronicle
  • Delhi Today
  • Jharkhand Magazine
  • Vizag Herald
  • Rohtak News Magazine
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